Room Services

Hotel Dorji Elements presents a variety of meticulously designed rooms to suit every guest’s preference. Our suite rooms, with a generous 43.4-square-meter space, can accommodate up to 4 people and offer flexible bed options, providing a harmonious blend of comfort and style with stunning views of mountains and architecture. For elevated comfort, our deluxe rooms feature a spacious 26.25-square-meter area, accommodating up to 3 people with the convenience of twin beds that seamlessly join, all while providing captivating views. For a more intimate stay, our standard rooms, in a cozy 16-square-meter space, cater to a maximum of 2 people with the flexibility of twin beds that join seamlessly, offering picturesque views of mountains and architectural wonders. Whether you seek luxury, comfort, or intimacy, Hotel Dorji Elements ensures a tailored and memorable experience for all guests.

Zuri Restaurant

Food is indeed a large part of the travel experience and therefore whether you are the adventurous or the “I like my home food” type, our young kitchen team have tried, tested and tasted these range of cuisine to suite your palate.

For guests travelling in larger groups, our team customizes buffet menu a day in advance in consultation with your tour leaders. So we do hope our meal spread has something that everyone wants.

My Element Cafe

Element Cafe is about everyone who wishes to spend a relaxed time within their own element, meeting creative people, playing scramble on a weekend and enjoying a chess game with a friend. Whether you want a coffee , masala tea or the most demanded honey lemon tea, you can sip and enjoy with a veg or a non veg meal combo.

Opening Hours

9 am – 9 pm

Conference Hall

The mini conference hall can accommodate 20-25 guest at one time. It has been mainly designed for small meetings and events.

Projector facility can be provided with charges applicable.

MHEN-Tara Spa

MHEN-Tara Spa sprouts from the belief that happiness is deeply rooted to well being.
Combined with the natural calming atmosphere of Bhutan, our trained physiotherapists shall engage you in techniques, aspiring to relax your body and nurture your mind.
We offer you to experience a variety of authentic Asian inspired massages and treatments and best of all we encourage you to converse with our therapist, who will recommend or customize treatments as per your requirement.